Training Opportunities at NCAC

Upcoming training opportunities in the National Capital Area Council. I devised this spreadsheet as a different way to visualize the information which is already on the NCAC’s training calendar. But using the calendar requires a lot of browsing.

So I pulled the information from that calendar to create this spreadsheet. A few notes:
1. You can use the “filter” and “sort” functions to group trainings together in different ways. For example, to find all instances of Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills, click on “Filter” and then add a filter where the name contains “Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills.” Or, you can sort the “name” field alphabetically, and all similar courses will be grouped together. To find all training related to Cub Scouts, create a filter where the “program” is “Cub Scouts.” And so on.
2. Click on the URL in the “URL” field to be taken to the information about the course. The NCAC site, not me, is the final source for all training information. I do the best I can to keep up with it, but if a course gets cancelled, changes dates, moves to another location, etc., it is out of my control. Having said that, I’m always happy to accept feedback; click on the envelope icon at the bottom of the page.